Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well, I think it's about time I try and start drawing again. Life got a bit busy, and I found myself with less and less time to draw. Now I'm eager to get working on some new projects... hopefully a webcomic. I'm gonna start posting both old and new materials. .. starting with this one from a couple of years ago that I did on the Whitechapel forums. It was for a REMAKE/REMODEL thread for an old character called the Ghost Exterminator. The idea is to take these obscure characters and transform them into something new. This is the write-up that was provided on the character:

The Ghost Exterminator was created by Gelett Burgess and appeared in Cosmopolitan and possibly a few other magazines from 1904 through 1906.

The Exterminator is Hoku Tamanochi, a Japanese San Franciscan who uses an ancient Japanese formula and his family's traditional skills to exorcise the ghosts of San Francisco. Hoku sprays the ghosts with an ancient Japanese powder when he finds them; this turns them semi-solid, and he then uses a bellows to capture them. He then seals them in bottles, thus permanently trapping them.

Hoku is (unwillingly, at first) teamed up with the nameless narrator, who is Hoku's friend. The narrator analyzes the powder and creates a special compound of his own that does the same thing. He then begins stealing Hoku's business (some friend, eh?) and making an additional profit by selling the ghosts, which he can reconstitute with the help of radium. The narrator eventually fumbles things and Hoku is forced to save him. The Exterminator stories follow this pattern: the narrator gets greedy and is initially successful in using Hoku's ideas and methods, but eventually something goes wrong and Hoku is forced to ride in at the last minute and save the day.

This is my current obsession, which I plan to make into an interactive webcomic sometime later this year. I'm not gonna follow the original concept above... most of it is completely re-invented. I had plans to call it "The Ghost Eater" but recently came up with "The Ghoster" while checking up ghost-related word through the online dictionary. It's kinda weird because the word appears that it should be in there, but all it actually does is reference ghost. I found out online that it's a slang word for a person that pulls an all-nighter job in order to get it done the next day, which I thought applies well for a character in a ghost-hunting profession. I'm currently doing the preliminary design work on this. and I'm gonna try and get some scans in from it in the next few days.

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